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Creating Exhibitor Value in Real Time


Revitalising the rebooking process

Location: Barcelona / Spain Industry: Energy Industrial, Raw Materials & Science

Gastech, the leading exhibition for the global gas, LNG, and energy industries, has established itself as the meeting place for influential service providers and technology innovators. Welcoming over 30,000 industry professionals every year, Gastech sought to optimise its on-site rebooking process, and looked for enablement technology that would drive repeat exhibitor business and ROI on sellable space.

A unified approach

For Gastech, success meant ensuring that sales would go off to a fantastic start. Complimenting their sales strategy, the teams were equipped with the technology to encourage exhibitors to purchase space for next year’s show. Freeman’s digital product Blueprint by Freeman™ (formerly known as ShowPlans) provides the e-commerce environment that enabled the sales teams to reach high rebooking rates on sellable space.

Blueprint’s importance to our show is unquestionable, and we look forward to continuing this fruitful relationship long into the future.

Lindsay Thompson

Head of Operations, dmg events

Real-time re-booking realised

With Blueprint by Freeman™, Gastech exhibitors were able to rebook their space there and then. On large screens in the Gastech sales stand and pulled up on devices in the hands of the sales teams, Blueprint showcased in real-time the availability and — more importantly — the unavailability of prime stand real estate.

Continuously synced and updated, the cloud-based software enabled salespeople to take sales to the show floor and provide their customers with the most up-to-date and accurate information on the availability of their space. By creating a sense of urgency and evoking a feeling of “missing out,” the sales booth was soon abuzz with booking and rebooking activity.

A powerful system

Gastech integrated Blueprint in its sales operations, enabling the company to create a seamless process for sales, marketing, and operations to work in unity. Built with a fully operational API, Blueprint allows all data about sales, the exhibitor, and the stand (even down to physical obstructions like service ducts and height limits) to flow between the tool and their CRM of choice, Salesforce, driving efficiencies and equipping sales teams and organisers with the knowledge required to make smart decisions and influence strategy.

Using Blueprint by Freeman™ helped boost the success of Gastech’s on-site rebooking, providing the sales team with a powerful tool. For Gastech organisers dmg events, the live rebooking procedure was the first-of-its-kind for their events. Having previously been exclusively working with paper versions of floor plans, the use of Blueprint was so effective that Gastech has chosen to renew its contract with Freeman for future events.

“The success of Gastech was heavily dependent on getting our sales off to a good start, and we ended up smashing even our most optimistic projections. Blueprint played a pivotal role in that success, from the time saved and errors avoided — thanks to its sleek and highly functional interface to its live updates that put pressure on exhibitors to re-book in a timely manner. Additionally, when you factor in the team’s commitment to doing everything to the highest possible standard, the level of devotion to our success and the sheer amount of stand space they were able to generate in the hall, Blueprint’s importance to our show is unquestionable, and we look forward to continuing this fruitful relationship long into the future.”

- Lindsay Thompson, Head of Operations, dmg events

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