Case Study

Baking in the right event marketing strategy

The International Baking Industry Exposition (IBIE) implemented a domestic and international marketing strategy that helped the show exceed its goals.


International Baking Industry Exposition (IBIE)




Reintroduce IBIE as the knead-to-attend industry event

The International Baking Industry Exposition (IBIE) is a triennial show that last took place as a sold-out event in 2019.

Returning in 2022, the baking industry IBIE served had been battered with significant challenges due to the lasting impacts of the pandemic, as well as other changing industry trends. Ongoing consolidation, low-carb diets, labor shortages, and supply chain issues were just a few.

With all of these challenges, IBIE needed a plan to ensure its show was just as successful as it had always been.


Whipping up the perfect mix of event marketing & planning

Partnering with Freeman and mdg, a Freeman company, IBIE implemented a strategic marketing plan that aligned marketing campaign materials, a new event brand, and the attendee journey — to create a sweet, cohesive experience for exhibitors and visitors alike.

DIVERSIFIED MEDIA APPROACH — overcame challenges of outdated contact databases using:

  • Paid and earned channels
  • Digital marketing (over direct mail)
  • Macro and micro influencers

TARGETED MARKETING — reached specific groups with relevant messaging that created stronger connections with:  

  • International audiences
  • Ancillary markets (retail baking, biscuit and crackers, snacks, tortilla producers)
  • Cannabis groups
  • Trade associations and publications
  • Media outlets

REINTRODUCED BRAND — new campaign concepts were included in all media and marketing materials to: 

  • Create excitement around the event
  • Provide consistency throughout the experience
  • Illustrate the use of baked goods in unexpected ways
  • Introduce an additional revenue stream through branded merchandise

ELEVATED ATTENDEE JOURNEY — seamlessly integrated with the targeted event marketing and branding, which helped create an experiential environment through: 

  • Innovation showcases
  • Breakouts, demos, and education areas
  • International trade center
  • Cannabis pavilion


All rise for IBIE

Turns out organizers created the perfect recipe for show success with significant increases in attendance from all over the world compared to 2019 and income that exceeded projections by more than one million U.S. dollars.

ATTENDANCE RESULTS (compared to 2019 IBIE)

25% increase in buyers overall

29% increase in retail bakers

11% increase in wholesale bakers


33% of buyer attendance was international

18% increase in international bakers attendance with 106 countries represented


3 million impressions and 70,000 engagements from macro-influencers

6 million people reached from 5,000 mentions


10 million impressions with 5,500 conversions attributed to digital marketing

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