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How to design experiences that deepen connections

It's time to think more like entertainers and less like advertisers

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What You’ll Learn

Is this the fun part? Are we having fun yet?

Hopefully this isn’t the line of questioning coming from your event attendees… But even if it is, fear not — there are lots of ways to turn that around and bring on the fun.

Obviously, attendees go to business events to learn, hear the latest industry news, and connect with colleagues. But they also come for a good time. It’s your job to deliver all the standard expectations wrapped inside an enjoyable experience.

No one knows the value of a good time like the entertainment and professional sports industries who design amazing experiences for fans. So let’s take some of their cues on how to tell a story (with the event journey and its content) that hooks audiences and leaves lasting memories.

Click on the pink button to download this new guide — our creative pros offer ideas for designing entertaining event experiences that deepen connections.

Ready to deepen audience relationships with memorable experiences?

Let's entertain them.

Let's entertain them.

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