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MTV, the pop culture icon that “killed the radio star,” has influenced music, video, and lifestyle culture with signature edginess and bold irreverence for almost four decades. While the brand continually and successfully reinvents itself, evoking deep nostalgia for Baby Boomers and Gen X, it needed a boost in awareness and connection with Gen Z.

VidCon, the world’s largest celebration of online video, provided the perfect setting for MTV to delight crowds as a lifestyle insider to all while promoting the launch of its latest co-branded fashion partnership with Puma.

But how can a cult icon stand out IRL among a swarm of video influencers?


Playing a new retro tune

By creating a truly immersive experience that wows this engaged and social-media-savvy community, the design would play to this generation’s motivations around authenticity, embracing imperfection, and jumping at any opportunity to be part of the action and own the experience.

We worked closely with MTV to blend digital with analogue and produce an old- school/modernistic mash-up of two experience zones that would inspire attendees to connect, engage, and get creative with the brand…and broadcast it across the social sphere!


Imperfect perfection — welcome to #MTVHouseofStyle

Guided by MTV’s future-retro spirit, we designed an interactive pop-cultural playscape with two opposing, yet complementary, immersive zones – each focused on the participant, his or her originality, imperfections, and desire for human connection.

The “glitch” area featured an infinity-mirrored space that enveloped visitors in a stunning light show. Programmed to respond to music, the wall of fluorescent lighting created in- and out-of-sync, glitchy movement to convey the digital, yet imperfect, MTV aesthetic. This edgy DJ effect created the perfect setting for video selfies.

The analogue “Patch Me Up” fashion creation space encouraged attendees to get creative with classic MTV-branded patches. Specifically designed to tie back to the Puma collaboration, the retro patches could be customized with presses, stamps, and eco-friendly materials.

1 M
cross-platform social reach
1 K%
increase in social noise
1 %
of attendees visited the space

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