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Your trusted partner to deliver an incredible online event.

Whether you’re looking to create a hybrid experience or a fully virtual event, many details go into delivering the perfect online experience for your attendees. From the leader in live experiences, Freeman is your partner to support your online event from content strategy and production to our all-in-one platform.

OnlineEvent® Pro enables you to create a visually captivating event that will make distance irrelevant for your audience.

Your Guide to Going Live: Solutions for Virtual and Hybrid Events

Our newest resource provides a snapshot of digital solutions with best practices to help you reach audiences and bring communities together no matter where they are.

Solutions for any event need

Hybrid events
Hybrid events
Host a physical event, and stream it to our platform to maximize content life and year-round engagement.
Online conferences
Online conferences
Live stream and host on-demand content with survey, assessment, and certification tools to promote learning.
Virtual trade shows
Virtual trade shows
Add a virtual exhibitor directory, networking spaces, and product demo areas as well as building revenue-generating sponsorship packages.
Virtual meetings
Virtual meetings
Create opportunities for attendees to interact with content and network virtually through 1-1 formats and discussion forums.
Virtual event
Company meetings
Keep global offices connected to company goal-tracking and internal communications efforts with professionally streamed content.
Continuing education
Continuing education
Create a sophisticated educational experience with complex credit scenarios, flexible attendance monitoring, and multiple credit types.
Engage your audiences with high-impact, interactive webinars with video, sophisticated polling, and tracking.
Product launches
Product launches
Launch a powerful moment in time for your audience to connect to new products, share excitement, and provide feedback.

An experienced and strategic content production team

With Freeman, you’re never alone. Our creative directors, scriptwriters, designers, artists, and executive coaches are a breed apart in business and creative experience. We are with you all the way, from brainstorming to theme development, graphic design, celebrity appearances, and executive speech writing. In short, we have what it takes to exceed every expectation.

200+ events
with live streams every year
100K hours
of content produced every year
$1M+ revenue
generated for our clients

A powerful, all-in-one platform for your online events

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Content and live streaming

Deliver engaging content and presentations beyond a physical environment to anyone anywhere in the world. With scalable technology and industry-leading support - the stage is yours!

  • Reliable and scalable video delivery
  • Content library houses a variety of multimedia assets
  • Fully managed webinars ensure peace of mind
  • Privacy & security settings control access

Learning and education

With education-specific features, learning goes beyond the session. Deliver educational content and assess progress, ensuring comprehension and celebrating learner milestones.

  • On-demand content library
  • Session evaluations capture valuable feedback
  • Assessments evaluate learners
  • Certifications encourage course completion
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Virtual networking icon

Virtual networking

One of the most critical components of any event is creating connections. That’s true whether your event is in-person or online. The beauty of virtual networking is that it can be done anywhere, at any time. Create the space and opportunity for connections and watch the magic happen.

  • Discussion forums connect groups
  • Matchmaking pairs attendees based on similar interests
  • One-on-one chat creates deeper connections

Audience interaction

Creating opportunities for attendees to interact and participate is key to a successful virtual event. In fact, virtual events with interactive elements are much more likely to be rated as valuable and worth their time by attendees. Fortunately, a digital platform offers new and unique ways for attendees to interact with speakers, content and each other.

  • Social feed tracks event buzz
  • Live polling gathers group feedback
  • Session Q&A encourages attendee participation
  • Quizzes promote engagement and fun
Audience interaction icon
Sponsorship icon

Sponsorship opportunities

Audiences come first, but sponsors are the backbone of events - including virtual events. Sponsors can easily be woven into event advertising and content, as well as finding opportunities to connect sponsors directly with their target audiences and allow them to share information about their products and services.

  • Exhibitor directory showcases company information
  • Website branding & banner ads
  • Ad placements within content
  • Virtual 1-1 meetings (chat or video)
  • Product demo webinars

Additional benefits

Custom branding icon
Custom branding
Content monetization icon
Content monetization
Event registration icon
Event registration
Event analytics icon
Event analytics
Secure hosting icon
Secure hosting

Serious security

Freeman's online event solutions are powered by our Fuzion APIs, which deliver the highest level of security. Our applications use SSL/TLS encryption technology to ensure all attendee and event data is safe and secure. By default, our data is processed and encrypted to be GDPR compliant throughout the ecosystem. Don't just take our word for it. Our systems are audited annually by third parties, which also include penetration testing, and are verified to ensure data protection.

Case studies


Alkami Technology helps financial institutions implement personalized digital banking experiences. Planning its annual customer event took a turn following the arrival of COVID-19, but Alkami and Freeman acted fast to develop a personalized, easy-to-navigate online destination for attendees, exhibitors, and sponsors.

Designed with OnlineEvent® Pro, the customized Alkami Unite experience offered this digital savvy audience a hub for networking, interactive education, and a gamification activity to maximize audience interaction. The real-time data analytics dashboard provided customized reporting for real-time updates.

The digital gathering exceeded its expectation of 500 attendees and drew more than 1200 representing 150+ financial institutions. This digital shift showcased the importance of digital strategy, attracted new attendees, and generated incremental leads.

views from around the world
total views to-date

Financial Force

Due to COVID-19, cloud-based application provider FinancialForce made a calculated shift to virtual engagement. It aimed to bridge the physical and digital gap with a customized platform that could broadcast the event live across two half-days.

The OnlineEvent® Pro platform managed the broadcast, event flow, and engagement with a tailored chat feature. Freeman designed an attendee journey that led guests through interactive keynotes, product demos, and roundtables. The entire production was supported by a master control room that managed feeds and content flow as well as ongoing support behind the scenes.

The flawless experience generated monumental business and engaged 2000+ attendees, which exceeded registration goals by 150%. It generated interest from new verticals and geos (15 countries participated) and attracted new attendees who may not have been able to join in-person.

hours of video watched
user visits


The American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) holds its annual meeting to provide critical information exchange, collaboration, and new data. Despite COVID, AACR knew distributing research and providing a forum for reliable information was critical.

Partners for more than 30 years, AACR and Freeman delivered a first-time virtual meeting using the agile OnlineEvent® Pro platform. To manage live streams, on-demand content, and speakers, Freeman created a custom broadcast studio.

The customized online destination provided learning modules and networking activities for more than 68,000 registrants, 24,000 of which viewed sessions at peak times. More than 7.6 million minutes of live streamed content were viewed and more than 700,000 minutes of viewing pre-recorded content.

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Works with the tools you're familiar with

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Blue Sky
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Map Your Show
Microsoft Teams
YouTube Live

Take Your Event Online: Key Factors to Consider When Planning a Digital Event

This on-demand resource provides key insights for your digital event strategy and best practices to help you reach audiences and bring communities together no matter where they are.

Best practices for online events

Executing a successful virtual or hybrid event is much more than turning on a camera or using a live streaming service. After you choose the right tech, check out these best practices from content strategy to metrics tracking that ensures you’ll achieve your online event goals.


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