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How AI works with you, not without you.

The chatter around artificial intelligence (AI) has turned into a roar very quickly. New tools and apps from this 50-year old technology have people talking about possibilities that span the spectrum of cutting through mundane tasks to cutting the need for humans in certain roles.

So how do we feel about AI — excited or uncertain? Experts tell us that those who learn to use AI in their jobs are much more likely to be successful than those who stay in the AI dark.

But fear not. While AI may sound like some sci-fi, advanced intelligence, it’s actually this smart tech that helps you combat work challenges. Let’s look at how it can help event planners work better and more efficiently, from basic functions through more complex strategy building.


Not only is AI easy to use, it can make your day-to-day tasks easier, too.


We spend so much of our time writing emails. But what if we could write them faster, while also making sure that our tone sounded friendly and professional? And, wouldn’t it be nice if we could include specific jargon used in different areas of events or professional organizations?

AI can help you write emails with personalized suggestions based on your audience or specific topics, help construct emails that flow smoothly, and are grammatically correct.

Pro Tip: AI can also help with developing subject lines and preheaders that get more clicks and improve open rates.


As mentioned above, AI can help ensure that your grammar is spot on, no matter what you’re writing. I or me? Comma or no comma? Is that sentence a run-on fragment? AI will assist you with all of those including spelling, punctuation, sentence structure, and even translation.


So, you need to come up with a creative idea or direction, but you don’t have time to schedule a brainstorm — or your team isn’t available. AI has the power to generate ideas for you.

But don’t rely on AI completely. You’ll still want to collect the ideas and information that AI provides, and then create your own best, final version. (Whew! See us humans are still necessary.)

Pro Tip: You can use apps like Grammarly and ChatGPT to help you with any written communication including power points, memos, creative briefs, etc.

AI apps to try

AI-based app How it helps AI used by Freeman
Microsoft Copilot Acts as a web-based personal assistant with content and writing support for emails and other documents, research, ideation, as well as other content functions

Microsoft Copilot for 365 (Integrates with Office 365) Summarize and draft emails, integrates effects in Word and Excel (such as tables and visualizations)

Grammarly Support with writing in various styles for various audiences, grammar

ChatGPT Acts as a chatbot, focuses on specific tasks to support writing emails and other documents, as well as research, ideation, and more


AI can also go further to help you expedite key job functions (improving time efficiency), which frees up time for more of the initiatives you love about your job — or perhaps leaving work earlier!

PR announcements

Writing press releases isn’t the same as writing other communications. If you need help getting the word out about your next event, AI can use the details you provide to formulate a press release that’s ready to hit the wire.

Social media

With multiple channels and distinct styles of posts and writing for each, it can be challenging to keep up with real-time posting on social media.

That’s where AI has you covered. With automation techniques and recommended copy prompts, you won’t have to worry about getting the right post, on the right channel, and in the right amount of time.


You and your best IT pro are trying to create something for the web. But something just isn’t working. Or part of your organization’s website has gone down, and you can’t figure out why.

AI can be your exterminator when it comes to bugs in web code and trying to solve programming challenges. Speaking of the web, AI can also optimize your SEO web text, so that it’s ready to be discovered by event goers everywhere.

AI apps to try

AI-based app How it helps AI used by Freeman
Microsoft Copilot As a web based personal assistant, can provide writing guidance for formatting and crafting press releases and social media content

Prowly PR focused, helps write as well as manage release process, including contacts
Sprout Manage social media process with automation, optimization, analytics, and strategy

Flick Supports social media planning, writing, and optimizing
GitHub Copilot Test and troubleshoot code issues, auto generates code suggestions to help assist writing new code/design


Artificial intelligence can also directly support your more complex marketing efforts, and even help you build an event marketing strategy.

Learn demographics 

While you’re getting to know AI, AI can help you get to know your audience better, by pulling key demographics such as age, gender, location, and interests.

Build marketing plan/communications strategy

Building out an event marketing strategy can take time and involve multiple layers and steps within each layer. It doesn’t have to be as complicated as it sounds.

AI can get you started (no more dreading that blank page!) and help simplify your process with communications outlines, pulling data and trends, and automating your marketing efforts.

Grow your audience

As you implement your marketing plan, AI can continue to collect user data as well as industry data to increase the impact of your marketing campaigns, reaching the right audiences, with the right message, at the right time.

AI apps to try

AI-based app How it helps AI used by Freeman
Microsoft Copilot Supports finding customer insight patterns, data-driven decision making, targeting marketing efforts

Salesforce Einstein  CRM integrated, supports for customer insights, prospecting, and targeting

Jasper Supports integrated marketing campaigns, writing, media, and analytics
Zenus AI Supports customer insights through behavior analytics

Does Freeman use AI? Check yes or no …

Here are a few ways that our teams are using AI (and how we’re not) to make processes more efficient and support clients.


Market research for improved strategy and targeting

Test creative concepts and image inspiration

Data processing for faster service and real-time results


Operating AI tech without guidelines

Entering proprietary data in any AI tools

Copying material that already exists

For even more behind the scenes into our AI world, check out how our experts at mdg, a Freeman Company, are utilizing AI in their everyday.

The winning equation is personal experience + AI

Without understanding how AI can support your role, its high-IQ capabilities could seem concerning. But nothing can replace the value that actual humans bring with their personal experiences that go beyond AI-produced data, content, automation, etc. It’s the unique abilities associated with human comprehension combined with the smart-tech abilities of AI that lead to more efficient and successful work.

Have questions? One eyebrow still raised with uncertainty? Contact us to see how we can help turn your AI data and ideas into real results.

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