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5 design trends to transform your keynote

Our audio visual production experts share new ideas and tips to refresh your opening session

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What You’ll Learn

Like many things in our industry,  opening sessions are getting a reboot.

Audiences want to see something they haven’t seen. They want to learn and be entertained. It’s a tall order, but kicking off your event with a fresh spin can check these boxes and more. Plus, it’ll propel the entire attendee experience in a positive direction.

So what’s the best way to hit refresh?

Get inspiration from the experts. Then try on ideas that fit your brand.

We tapped our AV production team to find out what they’re seeing on the road: the latest design trends worth trying, new ideas making an impact, and what’s resonating with audiences.

We’ve mapped it all out in this guide. It’s packed with insights, best practices, and ideas to take your general session into new and more interesting directions.

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