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6 Tips to Stretch Your Event Budget with AV

Sharper shows, smarter spending.

When your goal is to deliver a show-stopping event that doesn’t break the bank, it’s time to put a spotlight on smart AV planning.

Here’s the inside scoop from the experts — your definitive playbook for staging an unforgettable experience that’s friendly to the bottom line.

1. Send out your RFP early

Lock in the best rates and talent by submitting your RFP (request for proposal) six months in advance, or for larger shows, 12 months. This gives you favorable pricing and the breathing room needed for thoughtful planning, nixing the need for expensive, eleventh-hour changes.

2. Negotiate with AV options in mind

In-house AV teams may be limited on what they can provide, so negotiate the flexibility to choose an outside AV provider with the capabilities to handle your show’s needs and bring your show to light. Work with an AV partner that’s transparent about the process as well as budget line items.

Pro Tip: Be sure to read the fine print before you sign on the dotted line. Carefully review the venue’s policy for outside vendors, which includes your preferred production/AV team. You’ll also want to note that each venue has its own quirks and costs, from rigging points to loading docks.

3. Make room for session essentials

Planning the right amount of space can save you from unexpected rental charges or paying for too much space. A good estimate to follow: AV will take up one third of your general session space. Other space factors include backstage, empty boxes, house equipment, green room, etc.

Pro Tip: Having enough space for ground supported projection can cut rigging costs significantly. Ask your AV expert for the details.

4. Props for avoiding a rushed setup

Allocate enough time for setup, including rehearsals, rigging (as needed), load in, crew breaks, etc. Avoid hosting meals in your general session room, which can interrupt rehearsals and the rest of your set-up process. Not having enough time can lead to costly overruns and lower the quality of your show production.

5. Let your talent (and production process) shine

Give presenters the stage time they need to feel comfortable: getting a feel for the room, lighting, steps, downstage monitors, and slide run through. This includes having all content prepared at least a week ahead of the event for advanced testing and rehearsals — embed these into your schedule to avoid last-minute overtime issues or meal penalties.

Pro Tip: Bringing in a qualified keynote producer is worth the value to avoid stage pitfalls.

6. Create a scene not a budget deficit

While some AV capabilities go beyond what the venue can supply, it pays to double check their offerings to help set the scene during your general session. Consider ground projectors over rigging, arranging in-house risers in interesting seating shapes (such as in a diamond configuration or different levels), and larger, rear-projected screens when on a limited budget.

Roll out the red carpet for your AV

AV planning is more than just logistics. Integrate these best practices into your event planning strategy. You’ll enhance the event experiences and amplify your brand, leaving attendees wanting an encore.

Ready to launch a standout event that’s as budget-friendly as it is memorable? Connect with our AV experts, and let’s make event magic together.

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