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Watch this CES keynote presentation transform into an ultra-sleek, visually immersive experience

AMD (Advanced Micro Devices) is revered for its cutting edge computing and graphic technologies that power PCs and gaming consoles. True to its dedication to push the limits, the brand has put a stake in the ground on the future vision of computing that goes well beyond gaming. 

Taking the stage at CES, AMD aspired to visualize its new platform “together we advance_” during the keynote. AMD envisioned a high-end content design and light show to illustrate its collaborative, innovative approach that continues evolving to solve the world’s most important challenges. 

AMD POV: Empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more

Monumental changes over the last few years have accelerated the ongoing need to  develop new and improved technological solutions that support  how we now live, work, and recreate. 

As a leader in technology, AMD knew CES was the event to launch the brand’s latest series of high-performance solutions for gaming as well as AI, hybrid work, healthcare, aerospace, and sustainable computing. But to make the impact the team envisioned, the keynote experience truly needed to capture the essence of AMD’s new platform and highlight its cutting-edge graphics and visual technologies.

Running against the clock of a short timeline, our strategy and production teams worked closely with AMD to develop and design the story that came to life in a theatrical, awe-inspiring production. 

We created immersive virtual set designs using anamorphic design and projection mapping, orchestrated high-end, cinematic cameras that delivered beautiful video capture, and provided real-time pre-visualizing technology that allowed speakers to prepare by previewing the whole show before stepping on stage.

The end result? An ultra-sleek, immersive, 4K-worthy, anamorphic experience that conveyed a new beginning for AMD and the industry.  

Ready to deliver immersive moments that captivate audiences? 

Let’s advance your experiences today.

Let’s advance your experiences today.

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