Freeman Trends Report Q1 2023

Attendee demographics and attendance levels for Gen Z and millennials

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Event Planners, Meet Your New Generation of Event Goers

The industry has changed for event planners. And with new research data available, we have a better understanding of why. These changes have a lot to do with the changing demographics of event goers — they’re continuing to get younger. 

So let’s dive in and meet your Next Gen Event Goers (think Gen Z + millennials) and get to know what’s motivating them to attend (or not attend) events and why. Get to know their values, expectations, and how these are different from previous generations. You’ll be able to translate this next-gen information into planning next-level engagements worthy of all attendees. 

So what exactly are the next generation’s expectations? 

Find these insights and more right here in the Q1 2023 Freeman Trends Summary Report on Event Attendee Intent and Behavior

3 key takeaways rated G for general audiences (of all ages)

  1. There’s a greater interest in attending in-person events
  2. Attendees want to make connections and connect with colleagues
  3. In-person events provide the most trustworthy information sources

3 key takeaways rated NG for Next Gen audiences (20-44 years)

  1. They are choosing events and the format (online vs in person) based on opportunity for a unique experience
  2. This audience isn’t as concerned with the potential risks of being in large groups 
  3. They’re resistant to considering a single source as trustworthy, but academic leaders are the most trusted

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