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The Summit for Democracy

Bringing world leaders together for good

President Biden and his team aspired to bring global leaders together on a virtual stage to strengthen democracy across the world. But this complex live broadcast event needed a full-service production team to pull it off.

The U.S. State Department ask? Produce this complex live broadcast virtually, discreetly, and securely across 11 countries and 7 time zones with 100+ presenters and attendees with an extremely tight turnaround: 3 months to plan, 9 days to set up.

Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at how our teams produced this incredibly important global event.

Production details:

The creative:

  • Designed and built 4 production sets in the South Court Auditorium Presidential Studio in the White House, three studios in the Washington D.C. convention center, and 3 master control rooms
  • Designed the program, backgrounds, materials, etc.

The tech:

  • Hosted 216 embedded streams on our customized platform
  • The 165-person production crew managed:
    • 200+ on-site cameras and off-site webcams
    • embedding streams on our custom platform
    • streaming to Youtube
    • managing 548 inputs and 1132 outputs (feeds and video sources managed across the platform)

Looking for creative pros to manage your next event?

Reach out and request a consultation.

Reach out and request a consultation.

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