The value of pre-show communications

Set your exhibitors up for success with information-packed emails

Supporting your exhibitors is an essential part of delivering a successful show. Sending regular emails leading up to the event ensures they have everything they need for a great experience.

Bottom line? When they succeed, so does your event!

Simplify ongoing communication with our complimentary pre-show email series designed to prep exhibitors for your show. You can get started right away with this easy set-up template.

Download our pre-show communications guide below to learn about:

  • Benefits of the emails (for you and your exhibitors!)
  • Breakdown of the three-part series and what each covers
  • Email release schedule

This simple-to-use Excel template helps you create (and update) your exhibitor list. Please note that once you click the link, the spreadsheet will appear in your downloads folder automatically. 

Pro-tip: Take advantage of the template! Lists received outside this form will delay communication to your exhibitors. And be sure to read the instructions first! 

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Reach out to learn more.

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