Top 3 things on my mind

Erich J. Hermans

Head of Events, North America & Asia at GSMA MWC Las Vegas

Mobile World Congress is the largest and most influential show
for the connectivity ecosystem. It’s the one place you can experience
where the industry, careers, and the world else is heading.

Today, Freeman hangs out with Erich Hermanns to talk about exhibitors, attendees, and a constantly changing industry.

Thing 1

Exhibitor experience

Exhibitors are the foundation of our event. Each year, we gather feedback, analyze it, and work to improve their experience. Our goal is to ensure that they have a clear path and our full support
in achieving their event ROI.

Thing 2

Attendee Journey

By analyzing navigation, providing tools, reviewing signage, and training staff, our focus is to review and improve every attendee touch point. That way we deliver a positive, clear, consistent, and barrier-free attendee journey.

Thing 3

A changing industry

The mobile and connectivity industries are continuously evolving. There’s always new technology, new services, new players. Creating an event strategy that provides long-term growth is a constant challenge. Our team recognizes the unique marketplace we deliver events for. We must always be seeking input from exhibitors
and attendees to become a must-participate event.

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