Top 3 things on my mind

Jolene McNeil

Director, Event Operations at APHA

The APHA Annual Meeting is the premier public health event of the year. The meeting draws more than 13,000 attendees, offers 700 booths of exhibits, and features thousands of scientific sessions.

Today, Freeman sits down with Jolene McNeil to talk about the top three things on her mind.

Thing 1

The challenge of AI

We are constantly looking at new things to offer more innovation and creativity to our events. AI has a lot to offer us. But how best to integrate it? How best to make our attendees comfortable with it?

Thing 2

Impact of world events.

The APHA champions the health of all people and all communities. Health is our priority and the lens we look through at everything. But the world is different, and we must be cognizant of and sensitive to what is happening around us in order to succeed in our mission and event.

Thing 3


It’s most likely the same for most if not all organizers, but final registration and revenue are always top of mind. Will we hit our numbers? Are we going to achieve goals? Are exhibitors and attendees going to achieve their goals? That’s the life of a show organizer.

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