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Blueprint by Freeman™

Blueprint by FreemanTM provides everything you need to create and manage your event floor plan. Replace cumbersome paper floor plans and manual revisions with an online floor plan management program that offers flexibility and ease of use.

Show floor planning becomes more efficient by connecting all stakeholders to a ‘real time’ floor plan. Blueprint makes it quick and easy to edit booths, saving you time and resources. Take things to the next level with Blueprint Pro, which lets you share your event floor plan with colleagues, exhibitors, and attendees and even embed it into the event website. So everybody involved has the latest floor plan information they need.


Sell space more easily: Exhibitors will get a sense of urgency when they see “sold” and “pending” status published on exhibit spaces.

Streamline sales process: With real-time visibility of the latest floor plan, sales knows exactly which exhibit spaces are available to sell.

Intuitive interface: You don’t need any design experience or specialist knowledge to create and manage floor plans.

Help attendees plan ahead: Attendees can explore the event floor plan, bookmark booths to visit, and share contact info with exhibitors.

Increase revenue with sponsorships: Add sponsor logos or banner ads on your floor plan.

of marketing directors view event floor positioning as important to maximize ROI


  • Store a live copy of your floor plan centrally
  • Intuitive interface makes it easy to use without requiring design or technical knowledge
  • eCommerce platform allows exhibitors to purchase booths directly from the system
  • Send invoices to exhibitors
  • Simple to implement integrations connect to your registration system, CRM, and other applications
  • Available on PC, Mac and mobile devices

Pro features:

  • Embed your floor plan into your website or create a standalone version
  • Attendees can view live floor plan online to plan their event schedule
  • Collect attendee details to build engagement with exhibitors
  • Increase revenue opportunities with sponsorships and banner ads

“The visual aspect of the Blueprint floor plan had a profound impact. It gave exhibitors and attendees a comprehensive feel for what was available and show how popular the event is.”

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