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Explore by Freeman™

Explore by Freeman™ is a suite of experiential packages that help brands showcase their products and tell their stories in multisensory, eye-catching ways. Using technology like augmented and virtual reality, brands are able to tell their story like never before and drive engagement on a deeper level. The innovative solutions offer a variety of sponsorship opportunities to expand show organizer revenue and offer exhibitors key opportunities for brand exposure.

Explore includes the following solutions:

Spatial Experience: Tell engaging brand stories in a 360-degree environment using augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR).

  • Spatial AR: Immerse your audience into the world of Spatial AR. Our tablet-based 360 viewer transports you into any physical location around the world and beyond.
  • Spatial VR: Looking for a creative way to engage attendees with interactive content? Use Spatial VR to take your audience on a tour that features informational pop-ups and scene chapters.

Shareable Experience: Create unique experiences with concrete takeaway items featuring celebrities and user customization.

  • Designer Photo: Amplify engagement with fun self-service photo experiences that enable audiences to customize with overlays and personal messages.
  • Celebrity Photo: Invite engagement with a 3D celebrity character that comes to life in your exhibit and stays with you and your audiences throughout the event.

Showcase Experience: Empower attendees to explore a physical product of any size and complexity with interactive information.

  • AR Showcase: Imagine video, 3D animation and sound coming together instantly through a digital display to inform your audience about your materials or product story. Great for products that can’t be brought to the event or prototypes that aren’t available yet.
  • TLCD Showcase: Invite interaction with your products and solutions through our stunningly appointed transparent LCD (TLCD) box display. Product messaging can be displayed with callouts or informational pop-ups, and content can include text, videos, websites, and more.
  • Digital Showcase: Get maximum exposure for products, capture leads, and help generate revenue by featuring content on touchscreen displays and interactive stations.

74% of consumers are more likely to buy products after exposure to a branded event marketing experience, according to the Event Marketing Institute.


Show Organizers

  • Innovate within budget – Offer attendees VR, AR, and other immersive experiences at a lower-cost entry point
  • Bring attendees back – Create compelling experiences that increase re-visitation rates for future events
  • Create buzz – Explore offers vast opportunities to brand cutting-edge and newsworthy immersive experiences
  • Expand sponsorship – Offer your exhibitors unique sponsorship opportunities for greater brand exposure


  • Increase interaction – Let attendees rotate and explore your products in three dimensions without them touching the products (great for products that are complex, still a prototype, or require rich storytelling)
  • Engage your attendees – Connect attendees with your brand story with 360-degree experiences
  • Differentiate – Separate yourself from the competition with unique and targeted marketing strategies to position your brand as an innovator
  • Boost brand recall – Increase overall memorability through distinctive brand storytelling that resonates with attendees

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