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Sync by Freeman™

Sync by FreemanTM is a second-screen platform that creates two-way dynamic participation in presentations, which increases your audience’s engagement and presenter’s effectiveness.

The Challenge

In the digital age, it’s hard to keep an audience’s attention and interest. With mobile phone usage on the rise and ever-decreasing audience attention spans, mobile distractions are a major cause of low audience engagement during sessions.

You need a scalable, dynamic platform for increasing audience participation and message retention, while providing presenters the ability to better engage with their audiences.

Typical audience response systems rely on proprietary devices or rented remotes handed out at the start of the presentation. If too few devices are ordered, or if the audience goes into overflow, some attendees won’t be able to participate. This not only reduces engagement, it can skew any data the technology generates.


The Solution

Sync, a web-based solution, is easy to implement and scales to any audience size because it doesn’t require an app download or additional hardware for the attendees to use.

Now your audiences can stay engaged and interact with presentations by viewing slides in real time directly from their devices, responding to presenter polls and quizzes, submitting questions, and more.

Session content can be adapted based on real-time, actionable data available from an analytics dashboard that tracks engagement and interest.

“We are thrilled with how well received [Sync] has been with our speakers and session attendees. Thank you so very much for all of the time you have put into this project and for your patience with our speakers.”
ASLA Director of Meetings and Special Programs Features


Increase audience participation: Engage audiences through their devices with interactive rich content, including polls and quizzes.

Improve presenters’ message retention: When audiences are actively interacting with the session content, it increases their retention of the message by 40% on average.

Improve content relevance: Use the real-time analytics to identify sessions with lower engagement rates so that improvements can be made during the current show and for planning future shows.

Gather audience feedback: Collect more feedback and reactions to sessions from your attendees through the Q&A and live chat windows.

Scale to any audience size: Since the program runs on the attendees’ mobile devices, it can handle any audience size and extends to those in overflow rooms.

Superior support: Sync is a turnkey solution, providing pre-show speaker coaching and an onsite team of Freeman technicians.

use a smartphone as a second screen
response rate on surveys in the platform


  • No download or app required: Audiences don't have to worry about downloading an app to utilize Sync. They simply open up any web browser and enter your custom presentation address. Sync can also be integrated with your event app.
  • Works on mobile devices: Sync works across almost every modern operating system and mobile device, including iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac.
  • Email invitations: Invite audiences to your presentation with an easy-to-use link through our presentation email invite tool.
  • Wireless clicker support: Presenters are free to move about the stage and still control their presentation with a variety of remote control slide advancers.

Audience Engagement Features

  • Real-time polls and surveys: Replace clunky audience response systems with a beautiful multiple-choice, slider-bar, like/dislike, and emoji audience interactions to your slides. Automatically display those results as part of your presentation.
  • Gamification: Use healthy competition to increase audience participation by using quizzes and games.
  • Ask questions: Your audience can ask questions without fear of public speaking on a live microphone. You can moderate the questions and display the ones you choose to answer at the click of a button.
  • Upvoting questions: See which questions the audience is most interested in by allowing them to upvote.
  • Promote conversations with audience chat: Often, the speakers are not the only experts in your room. Give your audiences the ability to share their thoughts and contribute to the conversation with the built-in chat.
  • One-button social sharing: Forget poorly taken smartphone screenshots of your meticulously crafted presentations! Now audiences can share your slides to their social channels. Easy to activate or disable for any speaker’s needs.
  • Take, save, and email notes: Your audience members can now save and take notes on each slide. If your presenters choose to share their slides, audiences immediately receive these as well. No more waiting for the end of the event to gain access to presentations.
  • Engagement ratings: Capture a variety of metrics, including attendance, screen time, social, interaction, and more. Presenters can now create their own custom engagement scores that focus on different metrics with our custom E-Rating system.

Analytics Features​

  • Data, metrics and analytics: Collect, measure and analyze data in aggregate and from each audience member to better understand session performance.
  • Real-time results: No more waiting weeks, days, hours or even minutes for your results. Get real-time understanding of your presentation story down to the individual slide.
  • Net Promoter Scores: This reporting feature tells you which speakers actually connected with your audiences and which fell flat.
  • PDF, HTML, XLS and reports: Export your data and metrics in a variety of formats, including Adobe PDF, HTML and Microsoft Excel.

Technical Features

  • Manage multiple presentations: Manage a virtually unlimited number of presentations and their metrics, so you can always refer back to your previous slides.
  • Multiple device control: Speakers and producers can manage single or multiple presentations from any number of Internet-connected devices.
  • Secure SSL encryption: Keep sensitive data in presentations secure in our cloud-based architecture with the latest secure SSL encryption technology.
  • Confidence monitor: Advanced users can utilize confidence monitors to keep track of time, view slide notes, display interaction results, and vet audience questions and comments.
  • Integrate with Freeman Digital Solutions: Sync seamlessly integrates with our Orchestrate by FreemanTM presentation management platform and OnlineEvent® eLearning web portal to create an end-to-end content management and engagement solution
  • Custom integrations: Our development team stands ready to implement custom integrations with your IT infrastructure and a variety of event-based technologies, including mobile, registration, data warehouse, and more.
  • Cloud-based application: No need to install any software as Sync runs in the cloud (requires a laptop with a 3-5Mbps LAN connection and a Wi-Fi network capable of managing 20kbps per audience member).

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