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Measurement & ROI: Event

Demystifying success metrics

A clearly defined measurement strategy sets your team up for success.

Whether it’s the number of products purchased, leads generated, or executive meetings conducted, we’ll help identify key success metrics that matter to you. It’s equally important to define roles and responsibilities so data gets captured and synthesized during and after your event. Our measurement plans incorporate the team members responsible for capturing and analyzing each metric.

The experts who’ll help you include the team formerly known as Exhibit Surveys, Inc. (ESI) who served the industry for over 50 years, conducting primary research and measurement on more than 5,000 exhibitions and events, including more than 10,000 exhibits, across six continents.

When your event serves a multitude of audiences and objectives, measuring return on investment can become a murky process. We ensure our clients have a clear roadmap to success. Our research and measurement practice can bring you up to speed and show your event performance compared to industry benchmarks.

Corporate Event Programs

Developing a standard approach to performance measurement is essential for organizations participating in a diverse portfolio of events — from private corporate events to trade show exhibits, mobile tours, and road shows. Our approach is to develop an initiative that’s flexible enough to measure all types of events in a portfolio.

The data is used in conjunction with our event industry benchmarks to set realistic and measurable objectives for future events. The measurement program provides metrics that support event selection and investment-level decisions, while helping to develop future event strategies.

On-Site Visitor Interviews

Gather immediate feedback on the tactical elements of your brand presence across all aspects of the visitor’s journey in real time, enabling you to take corrective actions to improve results. Measure your event objectives and the performance of specific tactics (staff, demos, attractions, etc.) in meeting those objectives.

Post Show Leads

Justify the level of investment by quantifying the value of your leads, and profile leads according to product interest, buying role, purchase plans, and interest in competitors. Assess overall performance and engagement with leads on-site.

Competitive Analysis

Evaluate and compare your design, activities, and personnel against your competition. Information collected includes observations of visitor experiences, demos, graphics and signage, attention-getting techniques, promotion, attendance, sponsorship activities, etc.

Sales Conversion Research

Identify the percentage of leads purchasing one or more products exhibited at the event. Quantify the dollar volume of purchases from your company versus your competitors' companies. Measure the influence of the event versus other factors on these purchases. Determine the percentage of your leads who have received follow-up from your sales personnel since the event.

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