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Measurement & ROI: Show

Get ready to grow.

Enjoy peace of mind, knowing we'll work together to establish success metrics that matter most to you. With a comprehensive view of your event, we'll be able to help you go even deeper to identify new audiences and provide recommendations to grow your show.

The experts who’ll help you include the team formerly known as Exhibit Surveys, Inc. (ESI) who served the industry for over 50 years, conducting primary research and measurement on more than 5,000 exhibitions and events, including more than 10,000 exhibits, across six continents.

Attendee Research

Document audience quality to support exhibit space and sponsorship sales efforts. Identify new attendee segments. Measure the attendee experience against expectations to assess and improve the value of the event and increase attendee retention.

Key Exhibitor and Partner Analysis

For corporate owned events, determine business partners’ expectations and results, and their degrees of satisfaction with the event. Address concerns before they evolve into more significant challenges.

Category Expansion Research

Tap into feedback from potential attendees and exhibitors to inform future strategic decisions. Measure awareness and perception of your event and your competitors. Find new segments of attendees and exhibitors, and learn how best to attract them.


By comparing your results against our proprietary event industry benchmarks, our team can provide you with insights about your most recent event and recommendations for the future.

HealthCheck® Dashboard

Designed to provide a comprehensive evaluation of an event, this dashboard combines financial and other metrics with data curated from our proven survey methodologies, for a complete overview of the show. We then compare these KPIs against industry benchmarks to assess the event’s performance in its true context.

Event Insights™

Receive insights about your most recent event and recommendations for the future. With our Event Insights® research offering, a team of professionals will guide you through the questionnaire development phase using a proprietary library of survey questions. Relax, while our team handles the project execution, from emailing the invitations to hosting the surveys, collecting the responses, and reporting the results via web conference. We compare your results against our proprietary event industry benchmarks to give you event insights and recommendations.

Exhibitions and Conference Research

A successful trade show delivers equal value to all parties: organizers, attendees, exhibitors, and sponsors. The research and measurement process helps organizers address their most pressing challenges in delivering that value.

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