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Orchestrate by Freeman™

Orchestrate by Freeman

Give your speakers peace of mind to deliver confidently.

Set your speakers up for success. Orchestrate by Freeman™ (formerly Presentation Management) keeps all their presentations organized and updated. It offers end-to-end control of digital presentation materials, real-time updates, and easy content distribution all from a single application. Speakers submit their presentations in advance from virtually any application and can make last-minute edits at any time. When it’s their turn to speak, they won’t have to worry about taking their presentation with them. It will be loaded and ready to go in their assigned meeting room.

Unique, personalized experience

Customize Orchestrate with your branding to personalize the experience for speakers when they upload and view their presentations.

Easy access anytime

Prior to and during the event, speakers have the ability to upload and edit their presentations, as well as access important meeting information.

Set up for success

The Speaker Ready Room gives speakers the opportunity to prepare for their presentation and receive personalized assistance from our support team. If last-minute edits are needed, real-time changes are sent to the corresponding meeting room.

Get the word out

Prior to the start of the session, you can display walk-in slides that highlight show announcements, key sponsors, or session information.

Present with confidence

Our Presenter-View feature allows speakers to see their presentation notes and slides as they present for flawless execution.

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Orchestrate by Freeman™

Web-based tools and apps that simplify the planning and management of your show, program, or exhibit space from start to finish.
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