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Online Event®

Online Event®

Put your audience at the center of an online community.

Create new revenue streams, drive training opportunities, and reach a larger audience.

The OnlineEvent® platform is an event-based content-monetization and eLearning web portal. Paired with our audio visual production capabilities, these services provide an elegant turn-key experience for both virtual attendees and meeting organizers. 

Quickly and easily broadcast your message and track audience engagement from a simple user interface. Create new revenue streams, drive training opportunities, and reach a larger audience with our award-winning platform and production services. 

Extend the life and reach of your event

Strengthen brand loyalty and community all year long by harnessing the power of virtual events. Partner with a team you can count on to help you produce rich media, while structuring an events strategy that fits your unique business objectives.

Drive deeper engagement post-event

The event is over, but you want to keep the buzz going. Build an online community by leveraging your event content to share with attendees that missed out on a coveted session or individuals who weren’t able to attend the event. 

Transform content into valuable revenue opportunities

Leverage your valuable content by hosting your high quality videos in a robust, searchable library that features sponsor advertising. Open new revenue streams by making popular content available live or on-demand. 

Organize educational content, track participation & assess effectiveness

Wrap tests, certificates and evaluations around your content to create courses. The platform allows audiences to register easily and securely while content managers can organize content and track participation to assess engagement and effectiveness.

Connect audiences across the globe

Engaging with your customers, employees, and partners has never been easier. Seamlessly broadcast your live event and enable real-time interaction from anywhere around the world.

Expand your influence, leverage your content, and create deeper engagement with your audience.

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Online Event®

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