Social Media Strategy

Social Media Strategy

Extend and amplify your message to a larger audience.

Social Media Strategy

Targeting your audience

Leverage the right channels to bring your brand to the right audiences.

Want to increase audience participation at your event, even with those who can’t attend? Social media can amplify events and experiences of all kinds. Yet if not done well or strategically, it won’t provide true amplification or measurable results. Integrating this medium into your event requires a deep understanding of the vast and ever-changing social media landscape.

Our strategy team knows when social media makes sense and which platforms will resonate most with your target audiences. We’ll design a strategy that’s aligned with your goals and seamlessly integrates social media into the day-of experience of your event. We'll also create a post-event project management plan to continue to move content into the social media space, measure success, and track growth.

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Social Media Strategy

Freeman offers a range of services to bring your story to life and engage your most important audiences.
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