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International Home + Housewares Show

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A Crystal-Clear Debut


Rebranding for America

Location: Chicago Industry: Consumer Goods

Developed by Turkish innovator Gürallar Group, LAV aims to provide an experienced, modern, and young approach to the glassware sector across the globe. As a first-time U.S. exhibitor, the company sought brand visibility at the International Home + Housewares Show.

The group owned a large-scale custom booth, but to exhibit in the U.S., a new build was needed for the 20' x 50' space. Through a dynamic work ethic from manufacturing to marketing, the booth would showcase future objectives as well as pay homage to the brand’s powerful expertise dating back to 1948. The new structure would need to emulate the original, maximize the smaller footprint, and beautifully showcase LAV products to a U.S. audience.

Scaled to impress

Since the existing booth was triple the size of the U.S. footprint, the team focused on functionality to highlight products in a smaller space without losing the wow factor. The team noted the original booth’s modern architectural design and envisioned a solution incorporating the SmartFabric™ system with lightweight structures and custom overlays to deliver an eye-catching exhibit that provided flexible options for graphics, messaging, and product display.

A sleek unveiling

The SmartFabric™ system created an open, modern booth that prominently featured LAV’s vibrant logo, bright graphics, and bold messaging easily seen across the show floor. The crisp, clean fabric-covered structures created an architectural backdrop to display multiple lines of glassware on lighted shelving units and custom display tables. The mirrored bar with overhead atrium served as a networking and refreshment area. The custom track-lighting system on the faux ceiling illuminated a trendy, upbeat vibe.

Recognition pours in

The new build proved itself and LAV as worthy contenders, as IHHS awarded the company the Excellence in Booth Design award. Because the new booth achieved the look and feel LAV hoped to capture and positively unveiled the brand to U.S. audiences, the team plans to work with the same structure and exhibit at IHHS next year.

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