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Marketing Nation Summit

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Meaning making for top marketers

Location: Las Vegas / USA Industry: Marketing or Event Agency

Each year, digital marketers travel to join in the experience of Marketo’s annual Marketing Nation Summit. A discerning crowd, they come not only to engage in an energetic community of peers, but also to collect data on marketing ROI, gain insights into marketing automation, and find answers to their toughest marketing questions.

Powerful content

Armed with the theme “Tomorrow’s Marketer,” Marketo turned to Freeman to develop an event that would highlight its leadership role in keeping marketers on the cutting edge of the industry and emphasize the full suite of solutions for unique marketing challenges and opportunities.

Freeman developed a high-tech yet down-to-earth strategy that allowed attendees to design their own experience. Personalized email campaigns set expectations high leading up to the event, culminating in personalized welcome notes for power users upon arrival in hotel guest rooms.

Playful, personalized approach

An advanced mobile app gave attendees control over their schedules and even highlighted trending sessions and must-see items. The app sent real-time alerts for popular events, such as celebrity keynotes and special events, ensuring they never missed the content they came to see. Meanwhile, lighthearted elements kept the event fun and engaging.

Guests were greeted with a pool filled with hundreds of Marketo-branded rubber duckies, while fitness classes and a “fun run” kept them moving. A social hub with Insta-print stations let attendees connect and share their excitement. The fun didn’t end there; an evening special event at a local nightclub had guests dancing with glow-in-the-dark hula hoops while confetti rained from the ceiling.

Overwhelming success

As any marketer knows, lead generation is the true measure of success — and this year’s event yielded measurable rewards. Leads increased an astonishing 25%, surpassing expectations and delighting event sponsors.

Event attendance also increased by 16%. Over 70% of attendees actively used the event app — creating bookmarks for sessions, updating statuses, and communicating with fellow attendees.

Social media buzz continued to the event as well. The hashtag #MKTGnation trended multiple days in a row, while the event’s Snapchat geofilter was accessed an impressive 17,000 times.

  • 25%

    increase in leads

  • 70%+

    of attendees actively used the event app

  • 17,000

    uses of the event's Snapchat geofilter

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