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ChinaPlas Shanghai

Conferences & Exhibitions

BASF: Lighting Up the Runway


Styling the innovation path

Industry: Consumer Goods Manufacturing

ChinaPlas Shanghai is one of the largest industrial plastics and rubber trade shows in the world. BASF engaged us to help establish a prominent presence at Chinaplas and solidify BASF’s profile as the leading solutions provider of sustainable and innovative solutions for all industries. Furthermore, BASF sought to differentiate itself by using its co-creation values to develop a fashion show in which the outfits would be made out of BASF performance materials.

An illuminated strategy

To establish BASF as a thought leader, we developed a creative concept around the theme “Let Innovation shine.” With over 100 products to display, we helped create a narrative structure to group them. We engaged Taiwanese designer Enchi to create a collection of 15 outfits using BASF materials, and we developed a backstory to give the fashion show a theatrical feel. Finally, we helped BASF develop a digital strategy to drive engagement and generate business leads.

Electrified engagement

The booth stood out with its clean design and stunning visual centerpiece. The fashion show was a huge crowd magnet featuring custom screen content, music, and choreography that we developed in-house. We also helped design and produce several interactive experiences, such as animated infographics using polarized screen technology. Additionally, we developed a dedicated microsite featuring an interactive map of the booth, the tech talk schedule with live Q&A functionality, incentivized surveys, and a multimedia gallery.

A global sensation

ChinaPlas was a huge success for both the organizers and BASF, attracting 180,000 visitors over the course of four days, with one out of four visitors from overseas. The BASF booth was packed throughout all four days, generating copious amounts of media coverage, including several articles highlighting the fashion designer collaboration that took place. The microsite platform drove over 600 registrations and more than 200 business enquiries for BASF.

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