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Sanofi Generics

European Respiratory Society International Congress


Bringing physicians back to the classroom


Education, engagement, and awareness

Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands Industry: Healthcare

The European Respiratory Society conference is designed to demonstrate new products and educate healthcare professionals. Sanofi Generics, a global pharmaceutical company, wanted ERS attendees to walk away with a stronger awareness of inhaler use errors.

In an industry of increasingly tighter restrictions and constant change, Sanofi Generics looked to solidify its position as experts within the respiratory scientific community who understood patients' unmet needs. We partnered with Sanofi Generics and its partners to create a “Back to Basics” educational theme as a simple way to deliver a complex message.

Back to the basics

One of the brand’s key goals is to improve patient care and increase the efficacy of asthma and COPD treatment through education. The stand was designed with a fun classroom style, engaging attendees with multiple touchpoints throughout the attendee journey. For example, a custom digital quiz and interactive game tested attendees’ knowledge and allowed them to ask Sanofi Generics questions about patient use.

The booth also included a traditional school classroom experience, where healthcare professionals could attend a live lecture demonstrating the proper use and simplicity of the product. To get a break from the classroom, an interactive selfie studio allowed attendees to create their own “Amsterdam” photo. Each activity was designed to immerse the attendee in a playful experience to drive engagement and awareness.

Gold-star performance

The mix of education and old-school fun provided attendees with an unforgettable experience. Sanofi Generics was awarded in the Top 5 of 120 stands by an independent market research company and was singled out for the “Best Messaging” category for its clear and engaging way of communicating unmet patient needs.

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