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BreakBulk Americas

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Bulk Delivering Meets Booking and Booth Management

BreakBulk Americas rebooks exhibitors with Blueprint

Location: Houston / USA Industry: Transportation

Breakbulk Americas is one of the largest exhibitions for top-tier shippers and cargo service providers. Floor plan management and the booking process were huge undertakings for the organizers. Over the course of our two-year relationship with Breakbulk, we became aware of the organization’s floor plan pain points and realized that our Blueprint product offering could streamline the process.

Logistic Solution

Previously, Breakbulk used a manual process with a single point of contact handling all floor plan changes. An updated floor plan took anywhere from one to three weeks to be released. The Breakbulk sales team needed updates faster to sell booths and avoid double-booking space. The right solution needed to be cloud-based so the sales team and exhibitors could access the most current version in real time. The intuitive interface was needed so anyone could use it without extensive training.

Easing the Heavy Lifting

Breakbulk used Blueprint at its recent exhibition to rebook booths for its next show. In the Breakbulk booth, large monitors displayed the floor plan, making it easy to see which booths were available. Exhibitors and sales team members no longer needed to crowd around one floor plan printout. As booths were booked, the floor plan display updated immediately. This gave the exhibitors a sense of urgency as they saw spaces getting filled.

Delivering the Goods

Displaying the updated floor plan on large monitors provided a great visual effect and drove more bookings. By the end of the show, over 75% of the booths for the following year were booked. Christian Thompson, event director of Breakbulk Americas said, “The visual aspect of the Blueprint floor plan had a profound impact. It gave exhibitors and attendees a comprehensive feel for what was available and show how popular the event is.”

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