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Sales and Marketing Communications Meeting


Crafting the perfect experience


A bold brand showcase celebrating creative craftsmanship

Industry: Consumer Goods Food

Anheuser-Busch, with over 100 varieties of beer, is a brand built on ingenuity and innovation. They challenged us to highlight and drive interest for their high-end craft beers.

The Sales and Marketing Communications Meeting (SAMCOM) is used to connect the brand with every attendee, and Anheuser-Busch wanted to use SAMCOM to showcase high-end craft beers as a part of its established, well-known brand family.

Bold brand personality

Our goal was to convert guests from wholesalers to brand supporters. We created a special event, “Street Feast,” where wholesalers could enjoy fun and educational moments with the new products. Each brand’s individuality shined with a bold experience that introduced attendees to the brand on a personal level.

A taste of something new

We worked with with Anheuser-Busch to develop the event theme, map out the attendee experience, and shape the look and feel of the space. The event was designed to match the aesthetic and energy of a high-end festival experience complete with food pairings, craft beer, and outdoor décor. High-tech lighting created a summer dusk atmosphere while the DJ played tunes that reminded guests of never-ending summer fun.

Pushing boundaries

Warm wood tones, barrel furniture, and greenery transformed the exhibit hall and brought the outdoors inside.

Guests felt as though they walked out of the meeting space and into a street festival complete with street signs, barricades, bicycles, and vinyl crosswalk details on the floor. Ten brewery zones placed around the perimeter completed the beer garden vibe. Each brewery’s display brought the brand’s culture to life and captivated guests. From ski lifts to trailers and from boats to beach parties, the ambiance encouraged conversation, set the tone for relaxed fun, and strategically guided attendees through every unique brand experience.

All ten brands received a high volume of tastings, with over 15,000 samples served at the event. Brand awareness for the Anheuser-Busch craft brewery labels increased as attendees used the hashtag #SAMCOM to post over 350 images to Instagram. The event pushed the boundaries of what attendees have come to expect at SAMCOM and of Anheuser-Busch overall.

  • 10

    high-end craft beers showcased

  • 15,000

    samples of beer served

  • 350

    Instagram posts tagged #SAMCOM

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