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International Association of Exhibitions and Events - Expo! Expo!

Exhibits & Installations

Enlightening Brand Experience at IAEE


Embody a new brand story

Location: Anaheim, California Industry: Marketing or Event Agency

As a 90-year event industry veteran, Freeman strived to deliver an exhibit experience at IAEE’s Expo! Expo! that communicated a new brand direction. We aspired to tell our story as a design-driven company and reinforce ourselves as the authority on brand experience. We sought to deliver an immersive experience that evoked our intention to Make it PersonalSM, particularly for industry audiences who may not consider Freeman an innovator. Audiences should walk away inspired and motivated with revived trust in Freeman and new insight about our capabilities.

Illuminate the message

With cues from two art installations featuring unique light-generated visuals (Squidsoup’s Aeolian Light and Adrien M. & Claire B.’s Hakanaï) and a fierce focus on people, industry leadership, and audience engagement, the idea for the “firefly” booth was born.

Designers created a bright and engaging booth concept incorporating these illuminated inspirations while also representing our strategic, creative, and digital prowess through two interactive, digitally based activations that focused on the visitor experience.

Delivering a personalized light show

Strategists, creatives, producers, and other solution experts across Freeman collaborated to create a true experience within the 20'x30' space, which lit up the hall with eight hanging matrixes containing 26,304 LED lights. The luminous canvas created a brilliant spectacle from every angle, beckoning visitors to enter.

On the central screen wall, guests watched their personal “constellations” come to life with unique information provided through digital questionnaires. Nearby, pre-programmed animations generated artful light patterns (and the Freeman logo) across the matrix. Using motion-capture technology, visitor movements transformed into 3D choreographies providing a user-generated light show.

Energized audiences and clients

The debut of our new brand messaging offered meaningful engagement opportunities at the booth, which translated into 150+ custom constellations created by exhibit visitors and 130+ “drivers” of motion-capture LED engagements. We also gained deeper insight about our clients’ interests and needs as well as their event goals and objectives through the show’s beacon technology.

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