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PCMA Canadian Innovation Conference (CIC)

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A complete innovative experience

Industry: Marketing or Event Agency

The PCMA Canadian Innovation Conference (CIC) is a three-day educational event designed to stimulate and motivate meeting and event professionals to think outside of industry norms and create innovative experiences — for themselves and their organizations.

We leveraged new technology to create, design, and execute an innovative conference. We created a complete room environment experience. With everything from LCD panels, plasma panels, project mapping, and LED walls, CIC was an opportunity to interact with audiences, create content, and inspire and impact people to take action.

Creative collaboration

Along with PCMA, we set a goal to stimulate creativity and participation among attendees. The CIC hopes to inspire the meetings industry to get creative with technology. Freeman creative designers aim to give the guests an entire experience from micro-interactions with technology to the overall conference impact.

The three-day educational conference was designed to encourage event planners and industry executives to think outside the box. PCMA, much like Freeman, focused on the experiences of attendees.

Vision meets execution

The CIC logo was Projection Mapped beside the main stage onto a custom screen. Creative Services built a Specialty LED Wall measuring at 22 feet by 8 feet into a truss arch with four moving lights to fill the room.

We worked with the client to design a beautiful conference theatre. Creative Services custom designed and produced a video reel to accompany the event experience. 3D projector mapping was used to bring the “TORONTO” custom model alive with high quality video and graphics.

Everything that was provided for the CIC in the last three years is fully scalable; all components can be used and combined in new ways. Our team of experienced designers use the most current technology to plan and execute an event. The event was live streamed online with additional value added, such as exclusive interviews and online chat.

Delivering results

Attendees came from all across Canada to see the CIC life; there was a 32% increase in attendees from the previous year. The CIC hosted a range of educational and inspiring keynote speakers, including Janet Kestin and Nancy Vonk, the two women behind Dove’s Campaign for Real Beauty.

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