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FMC Investor Day


Vision 2015 Investor Day Event


Investing in success

Industry: Industrial, Raw Materials & Science

FMC, a leading international chemical company, had announced its five-year strategic plan for growing the company. Two years into the initiative, FMC was hitting targeted goals on time and wanted to reignite investor's engagement in the company to remind them of the impressive progress made toward achieving its vision.

Mining innovation

FMC’s unique differentiators had to be obvious to time-pressured investors. The first guiding principle advised focusing on stories that showcased unique FMC innovation in the marketplace to succinctly amplify their strengths. The second principle involved a three-tier engagement strategy: self-exploration, small group discussion, and one-to-many interactions to maximize investors’ time for learning.

The right chemistry

Working with marketing and executive leads in eight business groups, we uncovered the most compelling stories and created Innovation Hall, a world of low- and high-tech experience pods where executives engaged with investors to deliver the most pertinent, influential stories supporting the brand’s goals. The result was a well-crafted, cogent story expressed in all aspects of the creative — theme development, script-to-screen videos, print collateral, environmental design, as well as a compelling general session.

The elements of success

Investors engaged. They learned and talked with executives in both small group and large group environments. They could see and touch innovative products in the pipeline and understand unique competitive positions. Bringing the message to life beyond the numbers — in a tangible, accessible way — allowed the FMC vision to shine, resulting in a sustained rise in FMC’s stock price. Message received.

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