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How Alexa Helped Attendees Stay Informed and Caffeinated


Engaging the experts

Industry: Technology

The leading name in marketing automation, Marketo is a globally-known company with an advanced digital presence. Marketo hosted its four-day Marketing Nation Summit in San Francisco, gathering thousands of the best and brightest in digital marketing technology. At the Marketing Nation Summit, the brand was looking for fun ways to engage with attendees while delivering value in the interaction.

Alexa's got skills

To create an effective experience, Marketo had to underscore its objective for engagement. With such a large audience, Marketo turned to Freeman for a tool that could facilitate fun connections. We delivered a custom-made Amazon Alexa skill that was informative as well as playful and engaging. This provided attendees the chance to interact with the new technology and ask event-related questions.

Tech steals the show

To captivate the audience and display the powerful effect of voice interaction in a brand experience, CEO Steve Lucas incorporated custom Marketo Alexa skills during the general session, asking programmed questions such as “How many people will benefit from using Marketo this year?” To employ engagement and real-time updates, Amazon Echo devices were placed throughout the conference, armed with around one hundred programmed questions and answers, crowdsourced by Freeman employees and applicable to attendee needs.

Relationship building through tech

The result was a huge success in audience engagement. Following the Alexa showcase in the general session, the various Amazon Echo devices received thousands of interactions with attendees, where the top three questions regarded coffee, current sessions, and bathroom locations. Alexa generated fun, personable responses to each question. For example, Alexa added “Yummm” while locating coffee stations. The device generated a sweeping curiosity, registering an additional 1,000+ questions that had not been programmed.

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