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Mid-America Trucking Show


Large-scale wow


A flagship exhibit for big brand impact

At the Mid-America Trucking Show, one of the largest heavy-duty trucking events in the world, Navistar challenged us to create an experience that delivered creative and emotionally engaging experiences unique to each brand, connected to the overarching Navistar umbrella. Navistar wanted to demonstrate its global capabilities and introduce its loyal customers to the company’s broader portfolio of products and vast capabilities.

Emotionally charged

We helped create an experience that showcased Navistar’s global product offerings, upcoming technologies, and high versatility.

A massive, custom 98,000-square-foot fully immersive environment was constructed as the overarching Navistar-branded element. The space connected 12 individual areas into a cohesive, emotionally engaging experience. Each of the individual experiences created numerous opportunities for personal engagement with specific Navistar products and services.

We created moments that matter, from debuting the new LoadStar truck with 3D video project mapping, allowing the truck to morph in front of the viewers’ eyes from a concrete pumper to an airplane refueler to a waste management truck and beyond, to highlighting the company’s military vehicles by projecting soldier testimonials onto army tents.

Flagship destination

The largest single exhibit footprint ever at MATS, Navistar became a flagship destination and one of the most buzzed about exhibits at the show, bringing home numerous industry awards. Nothing of the magnitude, complexity, impact, and beauty of Navistar’s presentations had ever been accomplished in the history of the show.

A perception-changing success

And Navistar achieved its goals — audience perception changed drastically about the company’s range of capabilities. Over 85 post-conference articles featured Navistar with over 32 million media impressions, and Navistar's vice president of marketing called the experience a “sheer and utter success!”

  • 37%

    increase in perception of Navistar as a leader in alternative fuels

  • 24%

    increase in perception of Navistar as using innovative technologies

  • 23%

    increase in perception of Navistar as offering a wide mix to meet customer needs

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