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Made In America Sponsor Activation


An amped-up experience


Rocking brand immersion the Budweiser way

Location: Philadelphia, PA, USA Industry: Consumer Goods Food

The Budweiser Made in America music festival is a must-attend summer event for millennials, with 130,000 attendees coming to rock out with their favorite artists. As a key sponsor, Anheuser-Busch wanted to shake things up and reintroduce its brand to this key audience with unique activities deeply connected to the American classic, Budweiser Signature Draught.

By making the Signature Room the place to be, we brought more people to the outdoor experiential area than any other activation at the Budweiser Made in America music festival.

An American Classic

The two-day event attracts massive audiences with its fun atmosphere, variety of popular artists, and blend of music and American culture. To revamp the brand experience, Big Shoulders partnered with Freeman to develop the Signature Room, an outdoor experiential area debuted at Made in America. The three-story Budweiser bar was the perfect extension to the festival and aligned closely with Budweiser’s presence throughout the event.

Beyond the Music

Anheuser-Busch wanted to go beyond beer to a total lifestyle experience. So we pulled together a number of activities to create that “Signature” lifestyle. Each activity and design element was created to enhance the Budweiser Signature Room experience and differentiate it from simultaneous festival attractions.

With multiple activities occurring in one space, we strategically designed the structure with clear sight lines to the main stage so that attendees didn’t miss a thing. Every activity screamed Budweiser, complete with two shopping boutiques, a barber shop, a tattoo parlor, a gaming center — and, of course, a killer, eight-tap Signature Draught bar. Attendees were immersed in an energetic area that made the Budweiser Signature Room the place to be.

Keep the Party Going

Made in America measured popular activations at the festival using heat mapping, and the Made in America Signature Room was literally the hottest activity, with more attendance than any other activation.

Bloggers stated that “with all the added activations to Budweiser Made in America, the festival was something to behold,” and referenced the branded structure as “its own village” amid the festival. The branded environment created such energy and excitement around Budweiser that Anheuser-Busch is utilizing it throughout the year.

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