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Poolcorp International Sales Conference

Exhibits & Installations

Making a Splash


Sink or swim

As the leading manufacturer of robotic pool cleaning systems, Maytronics sought to debut its new C7 Dolphin Commercial Robotic Pool Cleaner at the Pool Corp International Sales Conference. Maytronics prides itself on mastering ever-changing technology and dedicating resources to client education and support. To emphasize these attributes at the show, the brand hoped to underscore its core messages, “Passion for Pools Driven by Technology” and “Delivered with Partnership” while also delivering an immersive experience that would make its new product (and pools) shine. But at this competitive event, how could Maytronics convey itself as a leading brand, promote its new product, and make a big splash with targeted audiences?

Testing the water

e4 Design, a Freeman company, assembled a team of designers and exhibit consultants that dove in to understand the brand fully, from its beginning in 1983 to its current market goals. Maytronics bridges ever-changing technology with continued client education and support. The core message Maytronics wanted to communicate was two-fold: “Passion for Pools Driven by Technology” and “Delivered with Partnership.”

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Taking the plunge

The booth was more of an experience that showcased the product from the end users' unique perspective. As you stepped into the product display area you stepped into a pool. The liquid floor tiles moved as though you were stepping into water. The ceiling in the center tower combined printed fabric with a dynamic back lit lighting effect to make you feel as if you were immersed in water looking up at the light changing above you. Climbing out of the pool, attendees arrived on the pool deck to meet with booth staff that may answer product questions with the goal of creating a true partnership.

A splashing success

Maytronics maintained their leading brand recognition by standing out on the floor. The debut of the C7 Commercial Robotic Pool Cleaner was a success. “Our booth looked amazing!” says Maytronics Market Program Manager. “The liquid tile floor really drew customers into our booth.”

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