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Real-Time Improvements at CES


Assessing attendee response

Location: Las Vegas / USA Industry: Technology

To maximize its presence at CES, this technology company hoped to create an informative and compelling in-booth experience that offered visitors real value beyond just entertainment. The brand intended to gauge reactions to the activations and demos within its 12,000-square-foot space by incorporating live feedback from on-site surveys. This long-term client wanted to ensure each experience tied back to its brand.

Survey Says...

Our research experts designed on-site personal interviews to specifically determine the effectiveness of the exhibit’s messaging and overall experience. A simple process of one-on-one exit surveys with short, pointed questions would eliminate any guesswork about what was and wasn’t working during the show. Using this real-time data, the client could easily switch gears if necessary in order to deliver greater value to attendees.

Feedback that flips the outcome

To capture feedback, the team mobilized interviewers at strategic points around the exhibit. In one section, the booth featured live gymnasts performing acrobatic stunts. Large-screen monitors measured the entertainers’ swift movements to demonstrate product capabilities in a visually stunning way. Aisles teemed with attendees watching the show.

Quick analysis of the survey data showed enthusiastic response to all areas of the exhibit, including the acrobatic experience. But the value received during this activation was lower compared with other areas, indicating it wasn’t clear how the performance related to the featured products. This real-time analysis allowed the brand to implement quick on-site adjustments.

Instant input, incredible results

Armed with data, the client adjusted the demo each day. Staffers slowed the presentation pace and provided a better narrative on how the acrobatics and technology connected. Engagement with visitors also increased through better eye contact.

Altering the demo led to positive (and immediate!) impact on visitor value. The client maximized its investment instantaneously instead of waiting to redesign for next year’s event. Survey data showed a substantial increase of 16 percentage points in the value the demo provided from Day 1 to Day 2.

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