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Global Cold Chain Expo

Exhibits & Installations

Bringing the Cold


Raising the heat on cold protection

RefrigiWear manufactures insulated, industrial garments for both businesses and consumers. It is revered by customers for providing the best in cold protection. The brand chose to exhibit at the Global Cold Chain Expo to increase brand awareness and existing client sales, particularly businesses such as food distributors and wholesalers to emphasize how these products perform and protect workers on the job. RefrigiWear’s goal was to maintain their brand integrity while incorporating an industrial warehouse feel to the space that would feel familiar to its targeted audience.

A bold, cold idea

RefrigiWear came to e4 Design, a Freeman company, with the great idea of bringing the cold storage, restaurant, and food service environment directly to the show floor. By incorporating a live walk-in freezer in the booth, attendees could try on and experience the brand’s gear in real time. Using that idea as a launching pad, e4 Design designed and built a booth that not only highlighted RefrigiWear’s product, but also showcased the brand’s purpose and value system.

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Making it cool

The resulting design provided a “cool” space that allowed the products and brand to stand out in a 20-by-20 island. The clothing, displayed on rustic wood and custom industrial pipe, welcomed attendees to the booth. Brick graphics and black fencing enhanced the feel of a realistic industrial work environment where the products would perform best. The product display and graphics funneled attendees to the main focal point, a diamond tread stainless steel walk-in freezer. Attendees actively were trying on the gear and testing it in the elements, making RefrigiWear’s brand promise and integrity stand out.

The icing on top

The new exhibit build and heightened brand awareness in the b-to-b arena paid off. RefrigiWear had many attendees interact with its cold storage experience and “everyone has loved testing out RefrigiWear’s insulated gear in the trade show freezer.”

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