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Shining Light on Social Media


Building a shared and social community

Industry: Marketing or Event Agency

HubSpot’s INBOUND event expected 24,000+ digital marketers from over 110 countries to attend its landmark event. To practice what it preaches, the brand wanted a way to immerse live and virtual visitors in social media during the event. This approach would demonstrate inbound marketing best practices, foster conversations, and build shared community.

Attendees would, of course, have their devices. So how could they stay informed and engaged in the INBOUND social media sphere even with their phones tucked away?

Strategy, from the ground up

Because social media is so integral to the marketing philosophy attendees come to learn about, HubSpot and Freeman wanted to ensure social media remained a focus of the event. By designing Club INBOUND, an untraditional gathering place on the show floor, the environment would provide countless “Instagrammable moments.”

From this idea, a plan took shape to build a digital “Social Centerpiece” to anchor the event and provide attendees with a focal point that made social media the star of the INBOUND show.

A pillar of the community

Working with a third-party creative group, Freeman and HubSpot designed and built the 45’ x 55’ structure to be the Centerpiece of Club INBOUND. The massive sphere featured LED displays, moving lights, mirrored cubes, and projection screens. Stepping into the glow, attendees were transported to another world – one that begged to be shared virtually. A visual spectacle that also served as a live content-generator, the Centerpiece did it all: broadcasted sessions live, kept attendees informed, and shared an endless social media feed from the flood of attendee posts.

Voice of the people

The Social Centerpiece became the heartbeat of the INBOUND experience and an evolving anchor of the event. Reflecting a highly-engaged audience, INBOUND boosted 3,320 mentions of #INBOUND18 on Instagram, over 35,000 #INBOUND18 tags on Twitter, which averaged to 8,739 mentions per day, and 2.2Million video views via Facebook Live. The brand also saw a 36.4% increase in Instagram followers during the event week. Breathtaking visuals provided the perfect backdrop for a continual stream of thought-provoking social chatter.

  • 1,300

    Instagram posts

  • 2,000


  • 37

    hours of overall social media activity

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