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Singapore Tourism Board

Singapore Tourism Awards


Showcasing a Nation


A gala affair

Industry: Government, Public & Non-Profit

As an annual affair, Singapore Tourism Board seeks to celebrate and recognize outstanding talents through a memorable awards ceremony for individuals and organisations who have consistently delivered exceptional customer experiences and demonstrated enterprise excellence in Singapore. Held at the Ritz-Carton Millenia, this annual event provides an opportunity to inspire the next generation of tourism industry leaders to continue creating compelling experiences and adopting the best practices that will showcase Singapore as a nation that prides itself on excellence and unparalleled experiences.

Celebrating a rich heritage, championing a bright future

Freeman developed a theme that was inspiring, and which also highlighted Singapore’s tourism sector as forward-thinking and inclusive, positioning it as a game changer on a global scale. With more than 500 guests attending, the night consisted of exciting entertainment, and specially crafted local artisan gifts — all of which tied back to Singapore’s heritage-rich roots. Designed in line with the key visual, the ballroom, the onscreen content, and the presentation of the awards was linked to the idea of discovering the stars of the tourism industry.

An inspiring evening

To foster a seamless guest experience, Freeman managed the onsite operations pre, during and post event. Kicking things off with an intimate cocktail reception and photo opportunities, these touch points set the tone for the evening. During the main event, a dramatic walk-in procession of award recipients transformed the evening. In addition, to honour the award recipients, Freeman created tribute videos for every nominee. As for the entertainment portion of the night, the program included a list of Singapore’s best talents and a special act of song signing that urged guests to reflect on the positive effects of an inclusive workforce.

Paving the way to the future

Singapore Tourism Board continues to encourage and honour individuals and organisations to set the standard for delivering exceptional customer experience and to exemplify service excellence — as Singapore paves its way into the future. The event received significant attention and served as an incredible recognition that will be aspired to in years to come. With producing a seamless and successful event, Singapore Tourism Board looks forward to working with Freeman, further grounding our relationship.

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