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Location: Las Vegas / USA Industry: Business Services

When ISA partnered with Freeman to produce the ISA International Sign Expo a few years ago, displays of exciting, innovative products in the sign and graphics industry were limited to exhibit booths, with few incorporated into the overall event design and visible to a larger event audience. Now it was time to enhance and update the experience with a creative solution that kept costs low.

We worked with ISA on a creative solution to enhance the audience experience while providing more value to exhibitors. Starting with a call for materials, exhibitors were encouraged to suggest new products to showcase throughout the meeting. We then worked with exhibitors to integrate their newest products and materials into the event design.

Putting the latest and greatest on display

As a result, many of the highest-profile areas of the show — the entrance unit, registration area, and show elements within the exhibit hall, for instance — were transformed with the creative use of in-kind donations of materials and products of exhibitors. Donations of 45 types of materials from nearly 30 exhibiting companies are now incorporated into the event.

Exhibitors who donated materials for use in the show decor gained added exposure for their products, and attendees looking for the latest innovations in action were even more deeply engaged at the event as they saw real life uses of the products. As an added benefit, the elevated results were accomplished within a tightly defined budget.

With the in-kind donation program at the ISA International Sign Expo, we have been able to put on a beautiful event and, at the same time, demonstrate some of the most wonderful products the industry has to offer every year.”

Lori Anderson

President & CEO / International Sign Association (ISA)

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