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Sun Chemical

American Coatings Show

Exhibits & Installations

Showing Its True Colors


Painting a thousand words

Industry: Building, Construction & Home Repair

With annual sales of roughly $7.5 billion and 20,000 employees worldwide, Sun Chemical is a leading manufacturer of printing inks, pigments, polymers, coatings, and supplies.

In this industry, the annual American Coatings Show is the premier destination for exchanging the latest technologies and product offerings. For its exhibit at the show, Sun Chemical aimed to create some buzz by displaying the brand's latest innovative pigments on unique products, such as cars, bicycles, and dishwashers.

The future, in 3D

Sun Chemical collaborated with the exhibit consultants, designers, and production managers at e4 Design (a Freeman company) to determine how best to showcase its vision for the exhibit. To catch the eyes of the top coatings research and development teams in the audience, e4 Design proposed creative 3D graphics that would highlight the multiple products touched by Sun Chemical’s pigments.

Learn more about e4 Design.

Thinking inside the box

To enable booth visitors to see the strengths and benefits of each paint additive in real-world environments, e4 Design divided the 40 x 40 space into vignettes that each showcased a different Sun Chemical product. The vignettes were brought to life by a fun combination of 3D props and printed graphics. For example, a kitchen vignette included a real dishwasher, toaster, and teakettle, whereas the stove, window, and cabinets were printed graphics.

The graphics covered more than 90% of the booth, creating an immersive experience that boosted the “real-life” setting.

Award-winning results

Exhibitor Magazine designated Sun Chemical as the Best Graphics winner in the magazine’s Portable Modular Awards. Sun Chemical was delighted with the look and functionality of the modular booth design, and the sales team appreciated the number of potential customers that the booth attracted.

Ready to create your own award-winning exhibit graphics? Download our new lookbook for inspiration!

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