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Signature Draught Pod


Signature draught shines at the big game


Bringing the ideal experience straight to fans

Location: Phoenix / USA Industry: Consumer Goods

The Budweiser Signature Draught Mobile Tasting Experience was designed to immerse discerning consumers in a premier Budweiser environment that both educated and engaged.

Anheuser-Busch has developed a cutting-edge approach to the age-old act of pouring a draft beer. The Budweiser Signature Draught pouring technology, serving beer at precisely 29 degrees Fahrenheit, delivers the coldest, creamiest beer-drinking experience possible.

With the goal of debuting this new technology as part of the Bud Light “House of Whatever” party at the Big Game, Anheuser-Busch turned to Freeman for help.

Enter the Budweiser Signature Draught Mobile Tasting Experience. This mobile pod was designed to immerse discerning consumers in a premier Budweiser drinking environment that both educates and engages.

Unique mobile environment

The starring role, of course, is the beer.

The pod offers room for 12 full-size kegs and four taps featuring the Budweiser Signature Draught pouring technology. Meanwhile, satellite TVs and elegant beech wood and brick finishes give the pod a fun atmosphere suitable for a unique drinking experience.

To ensure maximum mobility, we designed the pod to be a self-contained, durable, shippable environment; simply pop it up and you’re open for business. The pod is also completely scalable and versatile, working just as well at the big game as it does at a music concert or even a wholesaler’s parking lot, paving the way to a variety of experiences, from salesforce training to consumer brand awareness.

  • Three

    day fan-fest

  • 10,000

    VIP guests

  • 5,000+

    Budweiser beers served

The reactions — to see people, whether they’ve been lifelong Budweiser drinkers or it’s the first glass of Budweiser they’ve ever had — has been fantastic.”

Budweiser Brew Master

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