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Lighting up the show

Industry: Consumer Goods

Scandinavian Tobacco Group Lane Ltd. (STG Lane) is a market leader in pipe tobacco, roll-your-own tobacco and little cigars. Based in Tucker, Georgia, the company is part of Scandinavian Tobacco Group.

The company was launching its new Havana Honeys cigarillos at the NACS Show. “The challenge was conveying the superiority of our product and making a splash with the Havana Honeys,” says Dionne Lucas, STG Lane’s brand manager for cigars.

On a roll

Working with exhibit house e4 Design (a Freeman company), STG Lane decided to construct an immersive structure that paired their exceptional cigars with a replica of pre-Castro Havana, Cuba.

To measure its success, STG Lane targeted 100 key convenience-store tobacco buyers, hoping to get at least 50 of them into the STG Lane booth for extended discussions that would sell them on the new Havana Honeys specifically, and the quality of its products generally.

Click here to learn more about e4 Design.

The honey trap

Using a combination of modular exhibit components, artful graphics and multiple props, e4 Design created an evocative and stunning booth that connected STG Lane’s brands with the romance and allure of the Old Havana City Quarter, with its sun-washed plazas and art-deco buildings.

Visitors entered the booth (the “Cuban Oasis,”) across vinyl flooring that effected a mirage of aged stone streets. Beat-up newspaper kiosks branded with Havana Honeys imagery stood by a tobacconist’s shop. Inside, visitors leisurely perused STG Lane’s tobacco pro-ducts, enjoying a small vacaciones from the bustling show floor.

A winning formula

STG Lane’s immersive exhibit took hundreds of attendees deep into a moment-in-time idealized Cuba, where they dwelled for as long as 20 minutes apiece, more than twice as long as visitors usually spend in the company’s booth at NACS shows. This gave visitors ample time to connect with the company’s theme and understand its key messages.

Most impressively of all, the company met with all 100 of the buyers it targeted before the show. STG Lane also won Exhibitor Magazine's Portable Modular Awards.

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