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Society of Petroleum Engineers

ATCE Conference


Tapping the second screen for refined results


Getting in touch with industry innovation

Location: Houston / USA Industry: Industrial, Raw Materials & Science

Organized by the Society of Petroleum Engineers, the Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition (ATCE) brings together over 135,000 oil and gas industry professionals from around the world.

We helped SPE launch an interactive exhibit competition on the show floor that drew a wide audience of new and inventive thinkers.

Hardware and software technology companies were given the opportunity to present groundbreaking ideas in the oil, gas and energy sectors for this contest. Attendees used second screen technology, Sync by Freeman™ (formerly FXP | touch), to provide real-time feedback on both the presentation and the ideas presented. The technology amplified the experience by turning peers into judges to determine the winner, creating a bit of competition, and creating a fun and friendly environment.

Measuring involvement

Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition attendees’ contributions and participation were tracked through Sync by Freeman™ (formerly FXP | touch) so SPE could see the levels of audience engagement throughout the interactive exhibit sessions and the opening and closing general sessions.

The second screen platform enabled high levels of audience engagement throughout the conference, and nearly half of the ATCE audience responded to every question! Afterward, the speaker thanked SPE for the first quantitative data she has received in 35 years evaluating her presentation skills.

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