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Production & Scenic Design

The design behind the scenes

Set the stage for a stand-out experience.

The difference between a good event and a great one comes down to emotion. The more you can immerse your audience in a shared emotion, the more lasting their impressions will be. How your stage is designed is key to igniting those emotions.

We design dynamic settings that amplify your presentations, speakers, and performances. Our designers, artists, set designers, and industrial designers are a seasoned orchestra of specialized talents. From graphics that set the right tone to constructing a functional yet awe-inspiring structure, we deliver your vision on stage, on screen, and on brand.

From transforming a blank room canvas into a dynamic experience to allowing scene changes throughout the program, production and scenic design engages people in a totally immersive stage environment. This concert-level production captivates many senses to make the experience one your attendees will never forget.

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