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Bob Priest-Heck

Chief Executive Officer

​Bob is committed to innovation. He encourages the kind of risk-taking that will help Freeman achieve its long-term goals by inspiring the kind of people who understand how innovation really happens.

While his vision for Freeman’s future is powered by new technologies and transformative change, he still believes the most cutting-edge solution is people.

As a leader, he’s committed to ensuring employees have the digital tools, apps and information they need to lead Freeman into the future. To that end, he is always looking to integrate new technologies that will pioneer the trends shaping the industry’s future.

Bob is perfectly at ease when consulting with the world’s leading technology executives because he has been at the forefront of the emergence of digital technology as we know it today. He managed and created specialized trade events for early Internet developers and worked on Digital World, where international Internet entrepreneurs first gathered to learn from the likes of a young Steve Jobs. He was a major contributor when the first user-friendly web browser, Mosaic, was relaunched as Netscape Navigator. He moved to Japan to unveil the first major tech event produced outside of the U.S., NetWorld+Interop, and built a market for disruptive technology events. He helped host the first JavaOne conference for developers while working with Sun Microsystems, acted as executive coach to Google leadership, consulted UBM on key acquisitions and helped Dwell magazine expand its media platform into the new world of brand experiences.

Freeman leadership is committed to providing a secure, open, collaborative environment in which people feel empowered to explore, to take chances, and to imagine new worlds.

Bob continues to personally connect with people from his vast network of friends and colleagues across a broad range of multinational corporations in his ongoing quest to leverage the most advanced tools to develop more meaningful connections for clients and customers.


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