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Flor López de Jauregui

Vice President, Sales & Marketing

A true business professional is more than a proven, successful leader and mentor — it’s someone who has the skills and experience to influence the overall industry’s growth and development.

With more than two decades of experience in the audiovisual business, Flor Lopez de Jauregui is focused on expanding the Encore brand in Mexico, Puerto Rico, and Jamaica — in addition to Latin America in the near future.

Her day-to-day responsibilities include developing sales and marketing strategies, hotel business development, managing effective sales teams, and utilizing innovative closing sales and marketing tools. While connecting with new opportunities throughout the region, Flor is also committed to providing exceptional customer service and producing extraordinary events.

My passion for what I do makes my work personal — and I really enjoy helping to take the client experience to the next step, with the overall goal of customer satisfaction. Our company’s successes in Mexico and around the world will help us to continue building our brand and delivering uniquely results-driven event experiences.

She began her career producing video clips, home movies and TV commercials in Mexico City, and in 1993, joined UNICOM — the first audiovisual company to be established in Cancun. At UNICOM, she produced corporate events for international firms and played an important role in the company’s expansion throughout Mexico. Flor earned both a degree in communications and a postgraduate degree in marketing communications from Universidad Iberoamericana.

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