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Event sponsorship strategy

Generate growth, inspire your audience, and drive revenue with smart sponsorship strategies.

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Sponsors want a compelling, memorable audience experience that ultimately supports their business goals.

It seems straightforward. But getting there isn’t always easy.

Virtual and hybrid events are opening up bold, new sponsorship possibilities. Emerging technology is transforming activations at events.

A data-driven event sponsorship management strategy is the key to creating engaging, exciting opportunities for sponsors and exhibitors to wow their audience and meet their business goals while creating real growth for your event.

If you want to:

  • Understand exactly what will appeal most to your existing and potential sponsors
  • Create irresistible, customised sponsorship offerings for in-person, virtual, and hybrid events
  • Help your sponsors generate the ROI that will keep them coming back
  • Win big-name sponsors that help get your event noticed
  • Effectively package your sponsorship package metrics to prove their value
  • Create year-round, holistic partnerships outside of your event

Our event sponsorship management strategy services can help you:

  • Refine your strategy to align not just with your event goals, but also with your organisational goals
  • Enhance and create sponsorship opportunities that stand out and deliver results
  • Set a clear pricing strategy based on insights and data
  • Open the doors to new relationships so your event can grow
  • Measure the effectiveness of your strategy and use your data to steer decision-making

Our event sponsorship solutions

Sponsorship strategy & acquisition

Plan exciting, engaging offerings that bring sponsors to the table, set your event apart, and drive value for both sponsors and attendees.

Sponsorship marketing & sales

Increase event revenue more efficiently and effectively as you win, grow, manage, and retain coveted sponsorships.

Sponsorship program management

Keep sponsors, vendors, and exhibitors happy and informed with the support, information, and deliverables they need.

Sponsors prospectus creative and design

Grow your event with a compelling prospectus. Build buzz with smart event alignment opportunities, experiential activations, and booth designs that maximise success.

Sponsorship growth and retention

Adopt a data-informed strategy and reporting to gain ground with sponsors and keep them coming back for more.

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