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Event Strategy, Planning & Business Intelligence

Get the insights you need to drive sustainable growth, achieve your business objectives, and inspire audiences to action.

Effective corporate event planning begins with clarity of purpose powered by research and analytics, starting with yours! Connect with your community, optimise your investments, and grow your event with smart strategies powered by data.

If you want a corporate event planner who can:

  • Understand your audience drivers and behaviours to better meet their needs
  • Rethink your strategic event management, incorporate digital, or have scenario planning to fall back on
  • Reach new, broader audiences with fresh ideas
  • Create and implement a new business model when faced with disruption
  • Establish a clearer measurement framework to define success

Our strategic event management services can help you with:

  • A business strategy that identifies a differentiated approach
  • One-on-one guidance on how to engage audiences to drive sustainable growth
  • Stakeholder workshops that result in detailed event portfolio planning
  • Defined, measurable objectives and personalised data and benchmark dashboards
  • Data analysis and actionable insights 

Our event strategy solutions

Brand and message strategy

Ensure that your brand and messages are effective, efficient, powerful, and personalised.

Event portfolio planning

Optimise your marketing spend by determining how and where to reach key audiences by leveraging key events to achieve your goals.

Attendee journey

Turn every touchpoint, whether online or in person, into an opportunity for engagement.

Audience acquisition & engagement

Reach the right audiences at the right times in the right places with an acquisition plan designed to help you achieve your goals. Design meaningful, objective-driven experiences that drive audiences to action and deliver bottom line impact.

Sustainability strategy

Make your event more environmentally friendly by leveraging the most effective tools, materials, and technologies.

Measurement and analysis

Identify key drivers of success and measure return on investment or experience. Tap insights, benchmarks and recommendations that target and prioritise key segments and strategies to grow your business further, faster.

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