Cancellation policy statement for exhibitors on events impacted by coronavirus (COVID-19)

The impact of Coronavirus has been unlike anything our live event industry and the global community have ever experienced. We understand that our exhibitors are disappointed in the lost opportunity to connect with attendees and grow their businesses. Due to these unprecedented circumstances, we have temporarily revised our policy to support our customers.

This policy will apply to events that cancel prior to Freeman’s commencement of moving in the event.

  • We will offer 100% refunds on standard rental exhibits (non-custom), furnishings, standard carpet / padding, utilities and standard event tech equipment. Custom-cut Classic/Prestige carpet will be refunded at 70%–100% based on cancellation date.
  • Custom rental exhibits will be refunded at 50%–100% based on cancellation date.
  • We will charge for work performed for labor, material handling and transportation.
  • Graphics (signage) and custom fabrication are refunded based on level of completion.
  • All products / services not listed above will be charged per contracted terms.

The Freeman Exhibitor Services Team will reach out to exhibitors to assist with freight as well as answer any questions regarding orders. They will be able to assist on both cancelled and postponed shows.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I cancel my order?
As soon as we are informed of a cancelled event, we will begin working through cancelling orders. You will be emailed a final invoice showing any applicable charges and/or credits.

If I just sent in my order, will it be processed and will my card be charged?
If we have been notified by the event organizer that the event has been cancelled, we will not process the order.

When will I get a refund?
If a refund is due, payments made by credit card will be refunded immediately. Refunds for other payment types will be issued by the Freeman Accounts Receivable department as soon as invoices are finalized.

Will I still be charged material handling for my shipment?
Yes. Material Handling charges will apply and will be based on where your freight was shipped and if it had been taken to show site by the time of cancellation.

I already shipped my freight to the Freeman advance warehouse or the event. Can you send it back to me?
Yes. With the shipment already in our possession, we have implemented a simple and quick process to return your freight to the destination of your choice using Freeman Exhibit Transportation.

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